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Boston Tea Party

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Why & How the Boston Tea Party Happened

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When a group of devout colonists, boarded British tea ships and unloaded their cargo into the Boston harbor, America would be changed forever. It not only crippled the already struggling British tea industry, but also, and more importantly, united the American people against British taxation and overall oppression. When the British increased taxes in America, the colonists responded with rebellious fury, most notably, the Boston Tea Party, but when Britain lashed back with even more force, it opened the eyes of Americans alike to the oppression they lived under.

For years, the American people opted to buy smuggled tea from Holland instead of paying the extra money on a taxed British tea. Not only was tea cheaper from Holland but many Americans did not want to pay the tax and contribute to British rule.

When British Parliament passed the Tea Act in , it allowed them to provide tea to America for cheaper than the smuggled tea. American tea merchants, unable to compete with this new low price, were put out of business.

Jones This Act infuriated the colonial citizens who felt it unfair to favor their British tea dealers over American ones. In retaliation, Samuel Adams led a group of or so men disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded three British tea ships and proceeded to dump chests of British tea into the ocean. One result was the closing of the port of Boston and forbid public meetings in Massachusetts.

Read more information here: Boston Tea Party Essay. I lived in Boston for about a year as a kid. The people involved, the people on the ship, the response in Great Britain, why it was important to the beginning of the Revolution, if there were arrests made, etc.

For many years the American colonists had complained about the way the British government treated them. One of the complaints was that the government made the colonists pay taxes on goods that were shipped to them. They complained so strongly…. Take a minute to check out all the enhancements! Choose a language from the menu above to view a computer-translated version of this page.

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The Boston Tea Party was one of the events that led to the American Revolution. It happened in the American colony of Massachusetts in At the time, the colonies were ruled by Great Britain. For many years the American colonists had complained about the way the British government treated them. One of the complaints was that the government made the colonists pay taxes on goods that were.

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The incident known as the Boston Tea Party occurred in December when a group of colonists from Boston boarded ships owned by the British East India Company and threw chests of tea into Boston Harbor. The colonists were revolting against a tea tax and the persistent efforts of Great Britain to legislate taxes without colonial representation in the British Parliament.

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hec pakistan phd thesis education Homework Help Boston Tea Party home work assistance cover letter for phd application doc. The Boston Tea Party was the key-event for the Revolutionary War. With this act, the colonists started the violent part of the revolution. It was the first try of the .