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The Tempest Essay Study Questions

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❶Antonio is often thought of as a villain in The Tempest. The setting of The Tempest is both important and unusual.

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William Shakespeare
Suggested Essay Topics
Character Topics

His character was always fond of learning and studying, so he applied those interests to the book of magic and he uses its power to teach all enemies certain lessons. Does he delight the use of these magical powers? The author often tends to have certain comic characters to lighten his tragedies. What about Trinculo and Caliban? Do they present any comical elements in their scenes? Why did the author decide to include his character in this story? What is his role?

You should use available ideas and facts to support your thesis statement. To what extend can Caliban be civilized? Should Prospero leave him untrained? Do you agree that his rebellion is inevitable? Do his actions represent all colonized people? Are you familiar with the post-colonial theory? Make a comparison of the powers of Ariel, Caliban, and Prospero. Where do they get these powers? How do they use them? When making your coursework definition , can you choose the one who has greater powers?

Do you believe that imperialism and colonialism are the most important themes in this famous play? All characters usurp powers throughout its plot, so you need to analyze specific examples. What are their motives for usurpation? What do they want to achieve? How does it relate to colonizing inhabitants on the island? What usurpations are expected? Take into consideration The Tempest essays that discuss the same subject to get a better idea of how to outline your literature analysis.

Are you interested in the idea of brotherhood when it comes to such characters as Antonio, Prospero, and Alonso? Do they have the same greed for power? Give examples from the play to support your opinion.

What was the result when Antonio became the new Duke of Milan? How did his actions affect the natural harmony of Milan? How did it affect the mutual trust between the two brothers?

Cite examples from the play to explain your answer. Compare and contrast the magic of Prospero to the magic of Sycorax. How do they compare? How are they different? In what way does he appear as the element of fire on the topmast of the ship? As the element of air? As the element of water? To support your explanation, use examples from the play. Contrast the two natures in relation to the idea of a corrupted society.

Does Caliban seem less corrupt because he is a natural man? How has learning a language affected him? Do Prospero and Miranda seem more corrupt because they are civilized? Give a definition of a savage as it relates to the sixteenth century and explain how Caliban fits that definition. In what way was Caliban deformed? Why was he subhuman? Give examples from the play to support your answer.

How will it affect the world of Milan? Cite examples from the play to support your essay. Ariel invites his invisible attendant spirits to the dance. He conspires with a drunkard to overthrow Prospero and persists in believing that Miranda is a pawn who will gladly bear children for anyone who asks.

He is a brute—idiotic, foul-tempered, and abhorrent. Yet Shakespeare implicitly asks if Caliban is as different from his human neighbors as he seems. Indeed, Antonio shows himself to be more monstrous than a monster, for unlike Caliban, he cannot excuse his behavior with drunkenness or genetics.

His mother was not a witch, but the same woman who gave birth to the generally moral duke, Prospero. In fact, Shakespeare suggests that in some ways Caliban is more sympathetic than his human counterpart: By including the vile yet human character Antonio in his drama, Shakespeare reinforces the idea that people can behave just as monstrously as Caliban.

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How will the “sea-change” affect Prospero? How will it affect the world of Milan? Cite examples from the play to support your essay. 2. Ariel invites his invisible attendant spirits to the dance. Write an essay .

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Aug 23,  · Suggested Essay Topics. 1. Discuss one or more of the play’s comic scenes involving Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban. How do these scenes parallel and parody the main action of the play? Pay particular attention to Trinculo’s speech about Caliban in Act II, scene ii, lines 18– This is one of the longest speeches in the play.

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The essay topics in this lesson are designed to promote critical thinking and close reading. Character Topics In this section, you will find essay topics oriented toward helping students analyze the major characters from The Tempest. Mar 05,  · The Tempest Essay Study Questions If you need to write a quality book analysis essay, be sure to describe the most important information about a particular literature work in addition to your personal conclusions and views.5/5(71).

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Suggested essay topics and project ideas for The Tempest. Part of a detailed Lesson Plan by Aug 01,  · In both The Tempest and in Rape of the Lock, supernatural beings influence royalty. Church authority is depicted as being weak and ineffective because of the inclusion of pagan elements. For example, in The Tempest, Prospero is the exiled Duke of Milan.