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Back-To-School Writing

❶Reinforce that idea by repeating this game throughout the year.

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You will find some August and Back to School writing prompts below that contain clickable links. If you click on a link: If you click on a link: You will be taken to another page on Unique Teaching Resources that contains detailed lesson plan ideas and printable worksheets for .

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Fun back to school writing prompts help kids reflect on summer without asking "How did you spend your summer vacation?" 12 Back to School Writing Prompts.

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The writing prompt organizers all come in black and white, so children who finish early can color the pictures. These writing prompts are created specifically for the back to school season, but many of them can be used throughout the year. There are 18 prompts, 6 opinion, 6 narrative, and 6 informative. Back-to-School Compare and Contrast Essay • How I spent my summer vs. how I plan to spend the school year. • Summer vacation back when I was young vs. summer vacation now that I am old. • My last day of summer vacation vs. the first day of the new school year. • The kind of student I used to be vs. the kind of student I plan to be.

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This fabulous list of back to school writing ideas for kids provides some guidance as to what to write about as they embark on a new school year. Use simple back-to-school writing prompts to assess writing skills and learn important information about each student! Download 5 back-to-school writing prompts for your classroom.